Ways to Remedy Vehicle Damage

Posted on October 13, 2017 – BlogCommunity

Car accidents happen sometimes, whether it is because of you or someone else. Unfortunately, vehicle damage is typically an unavoidable result. Luckily for you though, we have provided some ways to remedy the negative effect of this unfortunate event.

Fix a Car Paint Scratch

The budget you can expect to spend on fixing a car scratch can range from a simply utilizing an as-seen-on-tv product to a more expensive multistage treatment for your car’s original color. The supplies you will need for the latter can be cheaply swapped out for materials that can get similar results and that is what we will be covering.

Necessary supplies include the color desired using an aerosol can, prep solvent, rubbing compound, rubber gloves, sandpaper, something to pick up dust, pre-taped plastic, cans of primer, clear coat, and base coat.

Now, the first step is to become abrasive with your scratch by using sandpaper with some serious amount of grit. You need to make your original scratch(s) much worse than it was to get to the bare metal of your vehicle.

The second step is to refer to your sprays using your sandable primer. This fills in the sandpaper marks with something that should reflect the original color. Add three coats of paint to the metal. Be sure to wait five to ten minutes for each to dry before next application.

The third step is to use a primer to allow easy accessibility to the coat’s base. This is going require more aerosol cans. While applying, the pigment is sealed and are given protective layers. In the middle of spraying, sand with decent paper.

The fourth and final step is to add the rubbing compound and the shine will bring out the finished work of your vehicle.

Get Rid of Rust Damage

It is important to have some of the following before you begin. It is recommended to use paint in spray form. You should use a facial mask to avoid inhaling any foreign particles anytime you remove paint and/or rust. Also, be sure to wear safety goggles and gloves.

Test the sample paint and let it dry to see if it matches your car’s color appropriately.

The first step is to find the rush spots and to get them ready for treatment. Now, you should get rid of the rust from the area affected by brushing it with rubbing alcohol and sandpaper/sturdy wire brush. Abrasively scratch off away any rust or loose paint.

Apply a rust-removing solvent to get the few remaining parts of rust from the affected area. Then, clean it up with some decent rags.

The second step is to use sandpaper to reach all affected areas until you reach unaffected paint on all sides. Clean the area by brushing away any dust.

The third step is to tape off the affected area to protect any of the unaffected areas from all of the paint that’s being applied. Then, apply glazing putty to the affected area as smoothly as you possibly could. This fills in starches, pits, or any other issues so that the paint will equally cover the area. Now, take your time and let it dry.

Finally the fourth is to apply primer, let it dry and then apply a fresh coat of paint. If you would like to, polish and wax the affected area to complete your duty.

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