Used Toyota RAV4

Make Sure You Check These Items Before You Buy a Used Toyota RAV4

Naturally, you’re probably a little more cautious when you shop for a used vehicle than if you were to look for a new model. Though used vehicles have plenty of benefits, they aren’t as reliable as brand-new counterparts, and they may lack your favorite technological features as well. So, if you’re leaning toward getting a used Toyota RAV4, be on the lookout for certain elements and characteristics.

Clean Title

A reputable dealer can provide you with a wealth of information about your prospective used Toyota RAV4. Not only will a knowledgeable sales associate know what features the vehicle has, but this professional can tell you about its history. Ask whether it has a clean title or whether previous drivers have had accidents on the road while driving it. This could be an indication that the vehicle has some mechanical problems you’ll want to address.

History of Consistent Maintenance

One of the biggest concerns you may have when purchasing a used Toyota RAV4 is how well other owners have taken care of it. If the person who drove the car before you failed to keep up on services such as oil changes, filter replacements, and maintenance on other parts and components, the vehicle may not be in the condition you would like. Review the service history, and evaluate whether the RAV4 is up to date.

Extended Warranty

New cars will come with a factory warranty, which will cover the cost of most repairs. Depending on the vehicle, this warranty should take care of your car for the next three to five years. You used Toyota RAV4, for example, will probably lack this warranty. If this worries you because you don’t want to make the financial commitment to pay for expensive repairs, you should be able to purchase an extended warranty. Though this will be an initial upfront cost, it could spare you the pain of paying thousands down the road.

Essential Safety Features

Entertainment options such as satellite radio, USB connections, DVD players, and LCD displays are nice to have in vehicles, but they shouldn’t be as critical as safety features. Older cars won’t have all the technology that newer models boast. Still, your used Toyota RAV4 needs to protect you as you drive. Make sure it has elements such as traction control, stability control, emergency braking, and airbags.

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