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Tips for Traveling with Pets from a Used Ram Dealer in Gulfport, MS

When the holidays roll around, you want to hit the road so you can visit family and friends that live far away. But what are you supposed to do with your pets? Unless you have a neighbor in Gulfport, MS, who agrees to watch them or you want to pay to board your animals, you are going to have to bring them along with you. Luckily, a used Ram dealer shares the top tips for traveling with pets during the holiday season. You don’t have to leave Fido at home this Christmas.

Use a Crate or Carrier

A lot of pet owners think their animal will be happier if they can roam free in the car, but that’s not always the case. If your animal isn’t accustomed to riding in a vehicle, you should put him or her in a crate or carrier for the journey from Gulfport, MS. Make sure to choose a well-ventilated crate and that your furry friend is able to see out. This will make them feel more comfortable and secure while they’re in the car on the way to your destination.

Bring All Your Pet Supplies

Just like you need your essentials when you travel away from Gulfport, MS, so does your pet. Therefore, make sure to bring along plenty of food and water for your animal. Also make sure to bring any medications they take, a bowl, and even their favorite toy. These supplies will help make the trip better and less stressful for both you and your animal.

Don’t Leave Your Animal Alone

You want to make sure that you never leave your pet in the car alone. If they are in the car for too long by themselves, they will be at the mercy of the elements, whether you’re in Gulfport, MS, or somewhere else around the country. You don’t want them to freeze or run out of air in the car, so somebody should stay with them at all times. That means that you should avoid sit-down restaurants or any other place where you have to leave your pet by themselves in the car.

At Ray Brandt Auto, a used Ram dealer can tell you all about how to get a good vehicle for taking your animals with you on road trips and wherever else you may want to go. Stop by today to look at all the vehicles we offer our customers.