Used Mitsubishi Coupe

Essential Maintenance for Your Used Mitsubishi Coupe

You may not spend nearly as much money for your used Mitsubishi coupe as you would for a new model, but it is still a significant financial commitment. You also know your used car has fewer good years in it than a newer counterpart. For these reasons and others, it’s vital that you take maintenance and service seriously. With the right commitment and attention to your vehicle, you should get many years of enjoyment out of it. This will also help you keep more of your hard-earned money and spend less on repairs down the road.

Change That Oil

This is perhaps one of the most common and basic forms of car maintenance. While a new model requires an oil change every 6,000 miles or so, a used Mitsubishi coupe needs more frequent visits to the lube shop. You should change the oil on an older vehicle every 3,000 miles. This will keep the engine healthy and running at optimal performance. Oil changes will cut down on dirt and sludge buildup. Another benefit is that this service will help improve gas mileage.

Replace the Filers

The air filter bears the brunt of your driving when you cruise around in your used Mitsubishi coupe. It will accumulate a large amount of dirt and other debris, which will hinder engine capabilities and fuel efficiency. You should change your air filter at least at every other oil change or more often if necessary. The fuel filter and cabin air filter don’t need as much attention, but you should keep your eye on these filters as well. Check the fuel filter at around every 20,000-mile interval.

Maintain the Transmission

Few, if any, things will cost more on your used Mitsubishi coupe than major transmission issues. To help avoid major repairs, replace the transmission fluid about once every 50,000 miles. Have a qualified mechanic check your transmission regularly as well. This will help stave off major problems and huge expenses.

Follow the Manual

When all else fails, consult the owner’s manual of your used Mitsubishi coupe. This handy booklet will detail all the important services and when you should do them. If you get behind on maintenance, your car will suffer. Procrastination of these important steps will shorten your car’s lifespan.

If you need further advice on how to maintain your used Mitsubishi coupe, simply consult the professionals at Ray Brandt Automotive. They can help you extend the longevity of your vehicle.