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Fall Car Cleaning Tips From a Used Mercedes Dealer in Harvey, LA

You’ve heard of spring cleaning, right? Well, fall cleaning might be even more important. Think about it: don’t you want to go into the coldest season of the year in the warmest and most comfortable car possible? A used Mercedes dealer in Harvey, LA, has some tips on how you can get your car in the best possible shape before the winter hits. Now is a great time to start.

Start From the Top

First, you will want to clean the outside of your car. If you’ve gone to a lot of places over the summer, there’s a good chance your car might be pretty dirty. Therefore, you may have to spend some time on it to get it sparkling like new. You can either go to a car wash in Harvey, LA, or you can wash it yourself. If you do decide to do it yourself, remember that you should always start washing the top of the vehicle first. That way, the dirt that comes off the top won’t get on parts of the car you’ve already cleaned.

Remember to Vacuum

Washing the exterior of the car is important, but you can’t forget about the interior. You don’t want your carpets, ceiling, or seats to get too messy, so you’ll have to vacuum your car out. This will help pick up debris that could grind into the fabric, causing a big mess. If things are looking really bad, you might also want to shampoo the upholstery. Not only will this give your car a clean smell, but it will also make the seats and the carpet look like you just purchased your car from a Harvey, LA, dealership.

Don’t Forget to Wipe Everything Down

Vacuuming is a huge part of cleaning the interior, but you shouldn’t forget to dust and wipe everything down. This includes your dashboard, gear shift, and any other hard surface in your car. Most of the time, you can do this with a damp cloth, but if you want to make things extra clean, you can add a bit of soap to the mix. You’re going to have the cleanest car in Harvey, LA, in no time.

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