Used INFINITI Dealer New Orleans, LA

Ways You Can Spend Less When You Buy From a Used INFINITI Dealer in New Orleans, LA

Every car buyer in New Orleans, LA, wants to spend less money when they shop at a used INFINITI dealer. After all, why would you want to pay more when you could get an amazing car for less? But some people don’t know how the process actually works. Buying used comes with a ton of benefits that help you spend less when you’re in the market for a car. Here are just some of the ways you can keep more of your hard-earned cash and get a great car at the same time.

Lower Sticker Price

The first and most obvious way you can spend less when you buy from a used INFINITI dealer is the lower sticker price. Used cars are simply less expensive than their newer counterparts. This is because when you buy new, the car’s value depreciates as soon as you take it home. However, a used car has already depreciated in value by the time it gets to you, so you don’t have to pay a premium. Don’t underestimate how much less you’ll be able to spend when you buy used – it can be a significant amount.

Pay Less in Fees

Sometimes, people in New Orleans, LA, don’t think of all the extra costs that come with buying a car, which can be significant. That’s especially true when you buy new because the amount you’ll have to pay in fees and taxes usually depends on how much the car costs to begin with. But when you buy used, you won’t have to pay as much in taxes or fees. That can end up helping you spend a lot less than you may need to otherwise.


Before you buy used, you also have to think about how much you’ll spend on maintenance. Unfortunately, buying used might mean that your car needs a bit more care than a new model, so keep this in mind before you take the leap and purchase from a used INFINITI dealer. You can mitigate some of these costs by making sure you take great care of your vehicle on a daily basis.

If you have questions or concerns about buying from a used INFINITI dealer, you have to come speak with us at Ray Brandt Portal, where we can provide you with the information you need to get the best prices around.