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Fuel Economy Tips from a Used Infiniti Dealer Near Me in Harvey, LA

Everybody is looking for some ways to save money, and cutting down on your fuel costs can help you do just that. By following these tips from a used Infiniti dealer near me, you can get the most out of every tank of gas you use. Whether you’re just driving around Harvey, LA, or all over the country, these tips can help you save a ton of money at the gas pump.

Don’t Brake Unnecessarily

Sometimes, people apply the brakes way too hard when they are driving around Harvey, LA. But it’s going to help you get more out of your gas tank if you avoid braking whenever possible. That way, you can keep using your momentum to go forward and won’t have to put your foot on the gas as much. To help you do this, avoid following other vehicles too closely in case someone stops suddenly. Although this doesn’t really matter when it comes to a single trip, over the course of a month, you will end up saving a lot of money on gas if you follow this tip consistently.

Check Your Tire Pressure

One of the biggest gas-guzzling culprits for drivers in Harvey, LA, is improperly inflated tires. Unless you check your tire pressure regularly, you could have too much or too little air in your tires. This is going to cause a major problem not only for gas efficiency but also for your wheels and other parts of your car. Therefore, to get the most bang for your buck, make sure you have plenty of air in your tires whenever you hit the road.

Avoid Rush Hour

When you drive during rush hour, you are staying on the road for a longer amount of time, which uses up your gas quickly. You’ll also have to brake more often, which means losing the momentum you have from stepping on the gas pedal. Try going to work early so you can leave early, as well. Or you can get a bite to eat before you make your way back home after a long day at the office in Harvey, LA.

Use these fuel economy tips this winter if you want to save money on your monthly gas bill. Another great way to save money is to come to Ray Brandt Auto, serving the Harvey, LA, area. We have fuel-efficient vehicles that will save you a ton of money over their lifetimes.