Used Chrysler Coupe Slidell, LA

Always Keep These Emergency Items in Your Used Chrysler Coupe as You Drive in Slidell, LA

For some people, breaking down in the middle of nowhere, getting into a car accident, or having some other mishap on the road is their worst nightmare. The truth is, chances are good that at some point, you’ll find yourself in one of these situations. As you drive your used Chrysler coupe in Slidell, LA, you want to minimize the chances of these mishaps. If you carry some basic emergency supplies in your vehicle, you can better prepare yourself for these incidents.


You hope that if your call stalls somewhere or if you need emergency assistance in or around Slidell, LA, that help isn’t far behind. However, you might have a long wait ahead of you if you’re in a remote area. This is why it’s important to keep a case of water in the trunk. You’ll need to keep dehydration at bay, especially during summer months. Make sure you replace your water as you go through it.


In addition to water, you’ll need to arm yourself and your passengers with some healthy snacks. Avoid sugary snacks if possible, and go for items such as nuts and other foods that are high in protein. You can easily keep these in your used Chrysler coupe, but don’t forget to check expiration dates and that you have enough for everyone in your vehicle.

Jumper Cables

If you have a dead battery, you can easily get home to Slidell, LA, with jumper cables. These items don’t take up much room in your vehicle, and they’re simple to use. Just make sure you’re familiar with proper usage before you try. You could also come to someone’s aid and get him or her back on the road.

First-Aid Kit

If you crash your used Chrysler coupe and sustain serious injuries, you’ll rely on paramedics and other medical professionals to mend your wounds. However, if you have more minor issues, a first-aid kit could be your best friend. Keep one in the glove box, and fill it with bandages and gauze pads of all sizes. Also, make sure you’ve got antiseptic wipes and ointment, along with tweezers and scissors. As you use these items, replace them. Also, ensure that you have a sufficient stockpile to take care of all your passengers.

The team at Ray Brandt Auto can advise you on what emergency supplies to keep in your used Chrysler coupe. No matter where you go in Slidell, LA, make sure these items are available.