Top Skills to Help Survive an Apocalypse

Posted on January 23, 2017 – Blog, Community

Tensions are rising across the planet. Disaster may strike soon and you need to arm yourself with life-saving techniques. If Zombies really did ever take over, here are the top skills you would need to survive a Zombie Apocalypse. If Hollywood has been wrong all these years and Zombies never to emerge, don’t worry because you will still have some great life skills if you can master these top skills for surviving the Apocalypse!

Horseback Riding

When the cars run out of gas and the highways are jammed, you will be happy you know how to ride a horse. This is something that looks easier in the movies than it really is for someone who has never done it. So, visit a local stable and spend the afternoon riding a horse. If the end of the world doesn’t really come… you will at least have had a nice day learning!

Gathering Food

Learning how to forage without accidentally poisoning yourself is key to your survival. This is also a good skill to have on a normal non-apocalyptic hiking or camping trip.

Hunting and Fishing

If the world is taken over by Zombies… I doubt they will be stocking the shelves at your local supermarket. It is always good to know how to hunt or fish. This is a good skill to have also just in case you are broke and feel like cleaning a fish for your dinner.

Build a Fire

Not all of us were boy scouts or girls scouts, so many of us have never had to start a fire with more than a flip of a switch to turn the gas logs on. Learning to build a fire is a good skill to have anyways.

Emergency First-Aid

In the event of a zombie uprising, you can bet that people will get injured. While I am not sure there is much you can do about a Zombie bite, it could be good to know how to fix minor injuries that could happen during a mass panic. Honestly, knowing how to stop the bleeding until help arrives is a great life skill to have, with or without a zombie uprising!

For all you doomsday preppers out there, these are the skills you will need to acquire or finely tune in the event that the un-dead begin to swarm. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to certain apocalyptic calamity. Of course, if you just wanted to learn some cool life skills for a rainy day, these skills are good for that too!