The Top 5 Breweries You Can Find in New Orleans

If you are a lover of good beer then you probably like to know where the best local breweries are. New Orleans has a lot to offer, but not all of the breweries can be the best. These are our top 5 picks of breweries in the New Orleans area. Be sure to try them out for yourself!

The Courtyard Brewery

This fairly new brewery has been around for two years, and is gaining popularity the longer it sticks around. With a large selection of beers made by them it’s hard to beat when it comes to having variety. They are open every day except Sunday from 4pm- 10pm, and 3pm- 9pm on Saturday. Don’t miss out on the great beer served here.

Urban South Brewery

This brewery sets out to create the best beer they know how. Come and enjoy their hard work making great craft beers. Each beer they offer is served in a unique can that they designed. This adds to the authentic nature, so you know you are getting their best they can give.

Second Line Brewing

The name of this company comes from the New Orleans tradition of second line parades that began from jazz over 100 years ago. This brewery wants to celebrate people and the traditions they hold dear in Louisiana. Be sure to come by here and get a sense of tradition and hard work as you try all the different brews they have available.

Abita Brewing Company

Founded in 1986, this brewery is located 30 miles north of New Orleans, and has grown since then into what it is today. The dedicated team of crafters set out to make the best brews they can. Come out to enjoy what they have to offer with their team of experienced brewers.

Covington Brewhouse

Just north of New Orleans in Covington, this brewery puts a lot of effort, blood, sweat, tears, and love into each brew that they produce. They also help support local farms by donating the grains they use to brew. If you enjoy a brew made from hard work, and want to support local food then this is the place for you.

The Best Breweries

Visit all of these breweries to get a true feel for what New Orleans has to offer. Also, don’t forget to stop by Ray Brandt Auto Group for all you vehicle needs.