Tips for Protecting Your Hyundai from the Weather

Posted on May 22, 2017 – BlogCommunity

Hot weather can wreak havoc on your Hyundai. Fortunately though, you can follow some tips to protect it, regardless of how much heat Mother Nature sends your way. Follow these tips so that your Hyundai will look good from one year to the next.

Use a Sun Shade

The bright sun can damage your upholstery, so use a sun shade whenever you park outside. You could use just need one for the front window or you might consider one for the front and the back. Pick the system that works best for your specific Hyundai.

Tint Your Windows

Tinted windows not only look cool, they can protect your car’s interior from the sun. If you do not want to bring a sun shade with you everywhere you go, get your windows tinted.

Check Your Coolant Levels

Because your Hyundai needs the right amount of coolant year-round, be sure to check it before the winter and summer months. If it is low, top it off so that your car will not overheat. If that happens, you might have a serious problem on your hands.

Keep Your Car Parked in the Shade

Avoid excessive sunlight exposure by parking your Hyundai in the shade. Something as simple as putting your vehicle under a tree can go a long way in reducing the amount of sunlight exposure.

Use Seat Covers

Seat covers will help protect your vehicle’s seats so they look like new for years to come. These covers slip right over leather and fabric seats blocking the sun’s rays. As an added bonus, they will keep your seats cool so that you can slide into your Hyundai and get going without worrying about burning your legs.

Keep Your Car Waxed

A coat of wax acts as a buffer between the sun and your car’s paint. Regular wax jobs will block the ultraviolet rays so you will not have to worry about damage to the paint.

These tips will help protect your Hyundai, just like Ray Brandt Hyundai in Harvey, Louisiana, will help you in upgrading your vehicle. If you want a new or pre-owned model, stop by the dealership and look through your options.