Plan How You Will Decorate Your Graduation Cap

2017 graduation capGraduation season is quickly approaching, and we’re here to help you with cap decoration ideas. Before we get too carried away with fun ideas, first check with your school to ensure they will allow decorations. Harvey, Louisiana has been voted 2017 “best of” beaches and hotels. Make it best graduates and best graduations too! Your cap has great historical significance; some believe the mortarboard was formed from the biretta, a similar-looking hat worn by clergymen, of the Roman Catholic faith. Another theory is that the cap resembles a tool used by masons to lay concrete and was first used in the 14th and 15th centuries – and was worn by artists and students to imply power and intellect. Either way, this cap represents you now. Make it special.

Graduation Cap Decorating Ideas

Here are some brief thoughts to help you get started:

  • Write any message on your cap
  • Glue on some cute décor
  • Attach glittery paper or fancy ribbons,
  • Geometric or animal designs
  • Any design related to your major or your passion
  • Record your greatest achievement
  • Thank the right people for helping you succeed
  • Gift wrap your cap and/or add a cute bow
  • Use your favorite quote, hope it’s a short one
  • Magazine pictures that express your message
  • Something unique about your home or family
  • Add Something you always want to remember about Harvey
  • Something sports related
  • Favorite novel, poem, movie or television show
  • A tribute to America and/or our troops
  • Elude to your future career.

Graduation Cap Decorating Supply Ideas

And once you have your message defined, you share it using creative tools like:

  • Fabric pens
  • Old jewelry you can add as bling
  • Fancy paper
  • Ribbons
  • Stencils
  • Crafting glue or hot glue gun
  • Small fresh or silk flowers
  • Glitter or rhinestones, studs, stickers
  • Gift wrap
  • Colorful beads or pearls

Talk with your friends and see how they’re planning to decorate their graduation caps. This way, you won’t duplicate each other. You can even partner with your seat mates and send a longer message using multiple caps. That decoration will likely become part of someone’s memory of a special day, help make it happy.

*Also, be sure that your decorations don’t interfere with the customary turning of the tassel, which is the sign that you are now a graduate and no longer just a candidate. You’re adults now, use your imagination, be creative, state your dream.

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