Plan to Stop by these Louisiana Roadside Attractions this Summer

Louisiana roadside attractionsWith winter coming to a halt and spring fever setting in, it is time to start thinking about the great American summer vacation. Whether you live in Louisiana, plan on visiting it, or just going through it, look for a lot of quirky roadside attractions. This blog will go over what attractions everyone needs to visit when they are in the Harvey, Louisiana area. Be sure to bring your camera and take a lot of photos!

Alexandra: Giant Crawfish

This restaurant should be any crawfish lovers first stop when in the city of Alexandria. Even though the giant iron crawfish sign has been removed for restaurant expansion, it is still a great place to eat. The most popular item to order is the Cajun’ Crawfish, of course.

Baton Rouge: Big Root Beer Mug

As soon as you get off the freeway to explore the great city of Batin Rouge, you will see a giant Frostop Root Beer mug. This chain diner sells all the American classics and is a must-stop place to grab a bite to eat! There isn’t just a giant Root Beer mug on this diner, there is a giant soda cup on top as well.

Covington: World’s Largest Ronald Reagan Statue

Standing at 10 feet tall, on top of a 6-foot pedestal stands the largest statue of Ronald Reagan. Once Covington became a republican state, Patrick F. Taylor, Louisana tycoon and one of the 400 richest men in the world, told the people of Covington that when Ronald Regan died, he was going to erect the tallest statue of Regan that he could. Taylor sadly died just five months after Ronald Regan died, but his foundation made good on his promise to the town. This is a must see stop for any republican or Ronald Regan lover.

Crowley: Giant Guitar, No Accordion

Mouton Accordion Music Store has a giant red, white and blue guitar, but sadly the accordion on wheels has been missing for quite some time. Fortunately for guitar lovers, the giant guitar still stands tall as a great attraction to visit in Crowley.

Frierson: Larget Mailbox in Louisiana

This giant, 19 foot tall, the mailbox was erected by the Dowden family from the show “Bayou Billionaire.” When you are in the Frierson area, check out the world’s largest mailbox.

New Orleans: Giant Saftey Pin

In 1999, sculptors Claes Oldenburg and Cooje Van Bruggen created “Saftey Pin.” If you also find yourself heading in the San Francisco area, visit the De Young Museum sculpture garden, there you will find its twin.

New Orleans Golden Joan of Arc

In 1972, after years of storage due to the city citing it was too expensive to erect, New Orleans unveiled the golden statue. If you are ever in the Portland, Oregon area there is an identical one to the statue in New Orleans. Interestingly enough, both statues are both copies of an 1899 statue in Pairs.

New Orleans: Oldest Bar in the U.S.

This bar, built by a pirate as a front for smuggling, was built between 1722 and 1732. It is definitely a spot to stop by for a great drink that has held so much history over the years.

Newellton: Giant Mailbox

In Newellton, you will find a giant mailbox without any nearby homes or businesses. The attraction has been around since 1956 and stands 14 feet tall. It is definitely a great stop for all ages of the family.

Shreveport: Big Rooster

This eight-foot-tall fiberglass rooster has been around for years and stands tall in a parking lot next to the local police station. The statue is said to be protected by the police as well. Look for it at the intersection of Hope and Texas Streets.

If you find yourself heading out this summer in the nearby Harvey area, check all these roadside attractions out. There are plenty more to be seen in this great state, so keep a look out for other quirky, fun and interesting roadside attractions.