Then & Now: Louisiana 50 Years Ago

Shreveport Louisiana 1960

Louisiana is the 18th of all 50 states. Baton Rouge is the capital of this southern regional state. It’s bordered by Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, and Mississippi. New Orleans is best known for their annual Mardi Gras celebration. Louisiana has come a long way in 50 years.

Louisiana 1966

The city of New Orleans was planning to construct the Riverfront Expressway tunnel to alleviate the traffic congestion. In November 1966, New Orleans acquired the New Orleans Saints football team. Many young boys took off from school to witness the event of the launching of the new football team.
New Orleans 1963

Louisiana 2016

Since 1966, the state has undergone many changes. Today, the wetlands are gone because they’d been drained in the 1980s. With the physical damage and loss of life due to Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana is working on ways to make their buildings more structurally sound and resistant to hurricanes. Today, Duck Hunting laws state that Duck Hunting Season lasts 60 days from November until January. It used to last until the end of December. It’s now illegal to kill more than six ducks per day.

The Future

With the decline of how many ducks allowed to be killed per day over the course of the decades, it’s possible that hunting ducks will soon be a thing of the past. Louisiana looks forward to improvements in medical science, education, and infrastructures.

In the past 50 years, Louisiana had improved based on the environmental problems over the decades, environmental disasters such as hurricanes, and the advancement of the population growth. Louisiana had electricity and modern appliances throughout the years, keeping up with times. It’ll continue to do so.