Must-Try New Orleans Ice Cream Shops

Posted on July 12, 2017 –¬†Blog,¬†Community

Below are eight different ice-cream shops in or around New Orleans. Each one of these little restaurants is special in its own way and provides a completely different dessert experience. So, take a little trip and get yourself and your friends some of these sweet treats!

Pandora’s SnoBalls

This little spot is near City Park. It’s known for its Sno Balls, but also has some outrageously delicious soft-serve. There is plenty of outdoor seating and its pet-friendly! So bring your furry friends, because Pandora’s has sno-ball treats for dogs as well!

Angelo Brocato’s

This place is iconic. It’s a family-owned Italian bakery and gelateria and has been pleasing ice cream fanatics for 100+ years. Classic flavors like Sicilian pistachio,chocolate chip, and salted caramel are available. It is also home to a great spumoni, freshly piped cannoli, and a variety of Italian cookies. Come down to Angelo Brocato’s bakery for original Italian dessert cuisine.


Prefer your ice cream on a stick? Try Meldown. This little pop shop serves flavors like pineapple cilantro, Vietnamese coffee, salted caramel, and peach orange blossom. Because of these flavors, this by-water shop is a local favorite. The flavors change with the season, which makes any frozen treat the right choice and a new experience.

Creole Creamery

Ice cream chef Bryan Gilmore and his team have been turning out insanely good ice cream since 2004. This 50s inspired shop serves a rotation of creative flavors such as Black and Gold Crunch, lavender honey, Creole cream cheese, and Thai basil coconut. During the summer, try the classic blueberry pie ice cream, and during the winter, make sure you check out their signature King Cake Ice Cream. Also, make sure to try out the Tchoupitoulas Challenge, a huge 8‚Äďscoop Sunday, to get your name in the hall of fame. Visit either of the¬†Creole Creamery¬†locations in Uptown or Lakeview!

Salon by Sucré

This ‚Äúdessert emporium‚ÄĚ is swanky and stylish. It resides in the French Quarter and on Magazine Street in the Irish Channel. Enjoy their gelato, original sweets, French macaroons, cocktails, and coffee.¬†Sucr√©¬†is a must-go for any of you upscale dessert enthusiasts.

Drip Affogato Bar

This original ice cream & coffee shop brings a new level to both of these after-dinner treats. Described as a ‚Äúvery adult‚ÄĚ ice cream spot,¬†Drip Affogato Bar¬†is a newcomer to the frozen treat scene. But, it has carved its own space with its intense focus on bringing coffee and ice cream together. Some favorites are the Matcha, Matcha (green tea ice cream), toasted coconut, and Pocky.

Ro-Bears Snowballs

This minimalistic soft-serve plaza serves chocolate and vanilla in a dipped cone, banana split, or classic waffle cone. You can also add it to your sno-ball! No frills about it, Ro-Bear’s easy to-go window is perfect for a quick snack.

Ice Cream 504

Ice Cream 504 is located just off Freret Street. Their ice cream is made with no gum, no preservatives, and no nonsense. Try a housemade waffle cone or eat these simple ice creams right out of a cup! Come visit after 2 P.M., Wednesday through Sunday for a simple and delicious ice cream experience.

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