Louisiana Tours that You’ll Never Forget

Livery Tours Cemetery and French Quarter Tour

Louisiana is a culturally diverse state with lots of history. Exploring the state on a tour is a fun way to celebrate what makes Louisiana unique.

Ghost Tours

While we will let you decide if ghosts are real or part of an overactive imagination, consider taking a Louisiana ghost tours. Some of the most popular are found in New Orleans. One popular stop on these tours include Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop where the ghost of pirate Lafitte who used the building as a front for his smuggling business can sometimes be spotted in the window. Another popular spot is Hotel Monteleone where a dead hotel employee called “Red” supposedly haunts the hall.

Voodoo Tours

In the past, many residents of New Orleans practiced voodoo. While there are still a few people who practice this lifestyle, it is mainly tied to New Orleans past. Going on a voodoo tour gives you the opportunity to learn more about this practice. Most tours focus on Saint Louis Cemetery which is one of the oldest in Louisiana.

Hurricane Tours

Many people watched in horror as Hurricane Katrina ripped through New Orleans in 2005 leaving the area absolutely devastated. Explore the sights that were most affected by this massive storm on a hurricane tour including the city’s ninth ward. Learn about steps taken to be sure the next storm does not cause such costly devastation. You can also see the city as it has grown back to its former glory.
Going on a tour is a great way to explore New Orleans. The city has roots that go back hundreds of years that you can learn about on these tours. You can also learn about the city’s bright future.