Join us for Krewe du Vieux

Krewe du Vieux New OrleansMany people think of Mardi Gras only happening one day a year in New Orleans when in actuality it is a several month long series of events that accumulate on Fat Tuesday. One of the best known parades is Krewe de Vieux.

Krewe de Vieux Parade

Krewe de Vieux is typically one of the first parades of the season and is known for its wild satire as well as hosting some of the best brass bands in the area. This parade happens because several smaller or sub krewes work together at the “Den of Muses”, a warehouse space, to build their handmade floats and other necessities for the parade festivities. Interestingly enough, they do not allow larger floats but focus instead on human or mule drawn floats. Many of the floats make light humor of the local political climate and customs and there is no radio music but instead the local bands play the sound one cannot seem to get enough of when in New Orleans. This makes the Krewe de Vieux one of the most individualistic and traditional parades of the season.

Surviving Hurricane Katrina

In the past they have been recognized for being the first parade to take place after Hurricane Katrina, calling that year’s parade “C’est Levee” and in 2011 they celebrated their twenty-fifth anniversary calling it “Twenty-five Years Wasted”.

This year’s parade is set to be held on Saturday, February 11, 2017 and surely will not disappoint onlookers. You can catch the Parade anywhere between Franklin Avenue, Royal Street, Frenchman, and St. Phillips. All through the French Quarter people come to celebrate all that has been, all that is, and all that is yet to be.