Grab Your Binoculars and Head to these Top Bird Watching Spots

Posted on December 14, 2016 – BlogCommunity

The journeys you take in the Kenner area are all opportunities for recreation. We want to encourage you to travel as much as you can, and there are nice places nearby that will feed your bird watching soul. Trying these places out requires you to drive your car to far off places, but each far off place is an adventure.

Choose Your Location

Choose the location you believe will be the most fun, and allow yourself time to select places that seem off the beaten path. Going off the beaten path helps when you want to enjoy your time in the car. The trip in the car is often more informative than the bird watching because a smooth ride makes the trip that much more fun.

Bring Your Binoculars

Have your binoculars handy so you can see every bird you are to find out there. You will see many birds you have never heard of before, and you should bring a guide that will help you in your endeavors. The bird watching does not do itself, but you will be in a peaceful place in the bayou where birds roam free.

Relax In The Car

You can rest in the car during the day, and you might even roll down the window when you are rolling along for a look at a bird. The passenger can get some pictures of the pictures, and your passenger can check the guide as you drive. In essence, your car takes you to every bird up close and personal.Bird watching is a nice time to be had between two people. You might drive out today with your guide in hand looking for your next special find.