Free Days at New Orleans Museums

Posted on December 7, 2016 – BlogCommunity

There are plenty of free days for many of the different New Orleans art museums. The following information will explain when those free days take place at some of the major museums within the city. They will also provide information about what a person can do to take advantage of those free days.

Free Days at New Orleans Top Rated Museums

First up is the New Orleans Historic Collection. This amazing museum has some of the best historical art collection that spans many generations within the city of New Orleans. This museum offers Smithsonian Free Museum Day tickets that can be used in conjunction with a historic tour of the building.The exhibitions at this museum are always free. Just keep in mind that not every event associated with this museum is free and you should call ahead to figure out if you will be charged for a particular concert or special guest appearance.

Sculpture Garden in City Park

The Sculpture Gardens in City Park is always free to the public. It is a part of the New Orleans Museum of Art. The sculptures that are located within this outdoor space is always free to the public and people can visit whenever the place is open.

Contemporary Art Center

Louisiana residents can enjoy free admittance to the Contemporary Art Center located within New Orleans. Tourists and visitors will have to pay a fee to get inside. Louisiana and New Orleans local residents can take advantage of this free day on every Sunday of each month unless otherwise noted.

Smithsonian Magazine Museum Day

Smithsonian Magazine Museum Day is a national free day at the museum that is sponsored by Smithsonian Magazine. It takes place every September and people will have to log onto the Smithsonian website to get the free pass. Once they do they can use it to visit a museum of their choice in New Orleans or any other city of their choosing.Museums are great places to visit and getting inside to see the artwork, sculptures and exhibits for free is very important. You can contact local art museums within the city of New Orleans to find out more information about their free days.