Follow Your Taste Buds on a Tour of the Best Burgers in Louisiana

Posted on November 9, 2016 – BlogCommunity

If you have a burger bucket list, you’re in luck because the burger belt in Louisiana awaits you. Those who love the taste of a delicious and juicy burger are in luck because there are enough restaurants right in Louisiana to satisfy your burger bucket list. The burger belt, as some call it, has a fine burger reputation. The best burgers will be found right in Louisiana. The burger tour is available to hit the spot with of the very best burgers served by the best people. This has been affectionately called the burger belt by many satisfied burger lovers. The burgers are bountiful and delicious. Taking a tour of the best burgers in Louisiana will be a fulfilling and satisfying experience. There is a large variety of burger places to choose from.

The Classic Burger We All Love

The classic burger is meant to be savored. You’ll want to include all of your favorite toppings. The classic burger is customized to fit your taste buds. Follow the burger trail and start enjoying a juicy burger with friendly people.

What makes a Great Burger Experience?

A great burger will be made with the finest meat, topped with only the freshest ingredients and served by the friendliest staff. The best burgers will be found in unique diners filled with cheerful and satisfied customers. Your burger experience will satisfy your taste buds and you’ll be in good company too.

To Name a Few of the Top Burger Joints

Louisiana is filled with some of the very best burger hot-spots. To name a few of the very top:
  • Lee’s American Burgers; Stop in Covington and enjoy a great big burger for small little price. If you love onions, you’ll be glad to know that they press the onions into the patty. Doing this right on the griddle is their unique signature.
  • Curbside Food Truck; this can be found in Baton Rouge/New Orleans. The specialty sauce even includes pralines.
  • Judice Inn; Lafayette is the home of this top burger spot. They serve up the best burgers for under four dollars.

It takes practice to perfect anything. Louisiana has indeed perfected the old fashioned burger. It has taken many years to perfect the Louisiana burger Come and celebrate the burger in a fun and friendly atmosphere.