Explore Louisiana’s Strangest Roadside Attractions

Posted on November 23, 2016 – BlogCommunity

If you have ever driven along Louisiana highways, then you already know that there are some very unusual places to get out and stretch your legs. These roadside attractions might take just a few minutes to look at, but it is often time well spent. If you are on a new highway or passing through the state for the first time, then here are some you might want to consider.

Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum

Bonnie and Clyde were one of the most notorious crime couples to ever live. They died in an ambush that left 130 bullet holes in their car. The Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum is located in the building where the couple ate their last meal shortly before they met their deadly fate. Visitors entering this small museum can see Clyde’s Remington rifle along with a replica car riddled with bullet holes. A short distance down the road, a stone monument marks the actual spot where the ambush occurred.
Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum Louisiana

Huey P. Long Shot Here

While Louisiana residents have a state capitol building that they can take great pride in, Huey P. Long who arranged to have the building built never intended to die in it. Visitors can stand in the spot where this man who ran the state like a dictator was killed because the sunburst and concentric circle makes a perfect bullseye. A nearby sign on the wall encourages people to put their finger in a bullet hole. Scientists, however, have determined that the actual bullet that killed Long came from the opposite direction. Visitors can also stand behind the marble column where the doctor killing Long hid.
Huey P. Long Shot Here Louisiana

Abita Mystery House

Something unique is added almost everyday to the collection at the Abita Mystery House. Visitors to this house can see millions of paint by number canvases, over 250,000 bottle caps and a pretend UFO crashing into a camping trailer. It is recommended that guests bring a handful of quarters to play the old arcade games at this house that has contained a gas station and a Creole cottage.
Louisiana is a beautiful state with many long highways. If you get by one of these roadside attractions, then be sure to stop.