Doggy Traveling Tips to Use on Your Next Vacation

Doggy Traveling TipsYour dog is your best friend and as such, you want to take him everywhere you go. You also want to make each trip successful, which is why you need to know how to travel safely and responsibly. Get the information that you need for your next trip with your pup.

Get Your Pup Used to Your Car

Unless your dog already spends a lot of time in the car, you need to get him used to it before taking a trip. Start by hanging out with him in the car for a few minutes at a time. Then, go on short trips with your furry friend. Increase the length of time on each of those trips until your dog feels comfortable and secure in the car. At that point, he will be ready to act as your copilot on your next road trip.

Make Sure the Vehicle Is Ventilated

Your dog needs fresh air when he’s in the car. If he rides in a seat, make sure he has a vent with air pointing toward him. If he is in a crate, position the crate so that air flows into it.

Avoid Motion Sickness

Some dogs get sick when traveling in a car. Reduce the risk of that happening by keeping your dog away from food before going on the trip. However, that does not mean he should go without water. Hydration is always important, even when on the road so make sure that your pup gets plenty to drink during your trip.

Go on Breaks

Your dog needs to get out of the car from time to time. Stop every couple of hours to let him stretch his legs and take a potty break. Just make sure that you have some doggie bags on hand for cleaning up after your pup.

Call Ahead for Pet-Friendly Lodging

You will eventually need to get out of your vehicle. Fortunately, there are plenty of pet-friendly hotels to accommodate people who travel with pets. Call ahead to make your reservation and find out if you need to pay a pet deposit. That way, you will not be stuck looking for a hotel while on the road.

These are not the only tips that will make traveling with your furry friend easier. A new ride from Ray Brandt Nissan in Harvey, Louisiana, will improve the experience for you and your dog. Visit the dealership to find a vehicle that both you and Fido will love. Then, fill out the paperwork and get ready for years of adventures with your best friend.