Crazy Things Made with a 3D Printer

Posted on January 30, 2017 – BlogCommunity

A 3D printer is where you take a digital file, created from the printer files and you create 3D solid objects with it. It basically takes the concept of an ordinary printer and gives you more options. The printer prints out one object at a time, layering each one at the right cross-section. You can do so much with technology like this. You sometimes have to wonder what out-of-this-world, crazy objects have been created using this technology.

Musical Instruments

One of the craziest things ever created has been musical instruments. You name it, it’s been done. Things like drums, guitars and other things of this nature. In fact, many of these 3D images have been used as templates, in order to create the real thing.

Synthetic Foods

Synthetic foods have also been given the green light. NASA uses this sort of template as a way to feed the people who go to space. It might not sound appetizing to many of us, but, you never know what someone will eat, when they are up in space. Things like veggie patties, chicken patties, chocolate and even pasta have all been printed out and tested.

Human Organs

Some scientist and medical personnel have used these printers to focus on organs. They have been focusing on liver tissue. They even experiment with something called “gel cell.” Everything from skin to bones have been used as research for 3D printing.

This is just a small list of some of the crazy inventions to be done with 3D printing. The point is, nothing is off-limits these days, for the sake of good and bad. If you think something can’t be achieved with 3D printing, you’d be wrong. This sort of technology is definitely paving the way for all kinds of advancements to come. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming months. You never know what might show up.