Check Your Pockets: Tips for Keeping Up with Essential Items

Posted on September 25, 2017 – Blog, Community

Heading out? Before you step foot out of your door, be sure to have all of the items you need. Check out these useful tips for keeping up with your essentials. This way, you can leave home with all of the items necessary to get through the day.


We’ve all been there before: You leave your home, arrive at your location, and as soon as you get ready to make a purchase, you realize that your wallet is nowhere to be found. Now, you’re without your ID and you don’t have any cash on you. This can be a pretty frustrating situation, but it doesn’t have to happen to you again if you utilize this great tip.

Form a Habit

Designate a specific spot for where you will house your wallet. Whether you carry a purse, a man-bag, or a backpack, dropping your wallet inside habitually will help you to be sure of where it is at all times. Then, be sure to keep that designated purse, bag, or backpack in the same area while in your home so that it is easy to find when you’re ready to walk out of the door.


Unfortunately, misplacing your keys is  simple task. It’s easy to place them down and forget where you last had them – causing you to be late to a work, lunch, or an important business meeting. Keep up with you keys with this app!


Having the TrackR on your key ring can save you a lot of time and effort. Simply attach the small TrackR to your key ring and you’re good to go! It will allow you to locate your missing keys using your cellular device, or set up a reminder to grab them before you leave the house. How convenient is that?

(Another way to keep up with your keys is by placing a key holder by the door. Though this is a bit “old school”, it definitely works if you remember to place your keys here when you walk into the house.)


Maybe you have a big presentation to do, but you’re also a busy (and sometimes, forgetful) parent. Don’t worry – we have great tips for keeping up with documents as well!


It can go without saying, but separating your important documents into folders is definitely a good idea. This will make them easy to find and prevent you from having to search high and low when you need them. However, there are a couple of ways to make this system even more useful.

First, be sure to purchase multiple colors for your folders (or, at least use different colored tabs). By color coding the folders in relation to their different topics, it will be much easier to locate the specific items you need.

Second, have a designated container (or area) for where these folders will go. You can use a storage box, a small bin, a binder, a rack, or even a drawer in your home office. This way, finding important documents is as simple as counting to three! Check out these storage ideas and determine which one works best for you.


These are just a few easy tips that can help you to keep up with the items you need. Try them out. Then, stop by on of our Ray Brandt dealers and discover the vehicle that meets your needs as well! Our professionals are ready to assist you, today.