Celebrate Bastille Day Fête In New Orleans This Year!

Posted on July 10, 2017 – BlogCommunity

It’s known as the third best Bastille celebration in the world by Reuters.com. The Bastille Day celebration in New Orleans is one for the books. Bastille Day celebrates the French national holiday, and it’s only appropriate that it’s celebrated in the US’s most French-influenced city: New Orleans. For the 6th year in a row, the people of New Orleans gather together to celebrate this beloved day. July 14 through 15, you can immerse yourself in French culture at the New Orleans Museum of Art. Admission will be $5 and is open to the public for all activities and celebrations. Make sure you get the whole family together for this unique celebration.

History of the Holiday

July 14, 1789, more than 8,000 men and women stormed a prison fortress in Paris.  This prison was the infamous Bastille.  They stormed the gates, demanding the release of the political prisoners that were being held in the facility, along with the store of weaponry they had in the arsenal. This event was what fueled the citizens in the French Revolution. This event not only had a significant impact on France, however. Its former colonies also faced turmoil for years to come. One of these colonies hit close to home – New Orleans, Louisiana.

Rising from the devastated city was a young, driven general known as Napoleon Bonaparte. To keep the economy in Europe afloat and help finance the inevitable wars, Napoleon sold off his largest North American colony. Historians refer to this time in history as the Louisiana Purchase. In the year of 1803, the transaction became complete and all the land purchased would soon become a part of the USA.

What is the Bastille Day Fête?

The fair takes place at the New Orleans Museum of Art, which is located at Collins Diboll Cir., City Park New Orleans, LA 70124. You will have the entire day to enjoy live music and festivities celebrating this monumental day in history. The event is fully family-friendly and themed. Kids will have the opportunity to participate in French-influenced arts and crafts, cuisine, and even a puppet show! Some extra activities can be found below:


2017 festival highlights will include:

  • An exciting line-up of local musicians
  • Tours of the museum highlighting French works of art
  • French cooking demonstration by Café NOMA
  • French-inspired kids’ activities

Celebrate this remarkable day in history, right here in New Orleans. Get the whole family together for a day of fun and French culture. Make sure while also in the area you check out Ray Brandt Auto for all your automotive needs!