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The Drive You’re Looking for from Volkswagen

The position in the market of the Volkswagen brand is one that’s unique.  Typically, when we think of German engineering, the thoughts of luxury models with high prices come to mind, but Volkswagen has a way of being the mainstream German brand we love to drive.  With this in mind, you can find the right compact car with the VW logo on it to be the one you want to drive and enjoy every day when you take the Jetta out for a drive.

The Best Place to Shop for a Volkswagen

If you’re ready to buy or lease a Volkswagen Jetta and take it for a drive on the roads around Gert Town, LA, you need to see the team at Ray Brandt Auto Group.  This is the automotive team that has the ability to offer you the financing you’re looking for to ensure you can have the drive you want every day.  Come in and see what this team can offer you when it’s time for you to take the Jetta for a drive on the roads that you travel every day.

A New Model for This Year

The 2019 model year represents a new generation for the Jetta.  This car has been in production for the past 40 years and it enters this new model year with larger dimensions than in the past along with enhanced technology that includes the integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.  You’ll also benefit from driver assistance features such as adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, and automatic emergency braking. The new Jetta R-Line has been added to the mix to give you a sportier version to enjoy when it’s time to head out on the road.

Some Amazing Items in this Car

When you’re ready to buy or lease a Volkswagen Jetta, you’re going to love the digital cockpit that offers you the tech you’re looking for in the driver’s seat.  This car can also be had with the impressive sounds of the Beats Audio system that will give you the symphony of sounds that you’re looking for.  Imagine the drive on the roads of Gert Town, LA when you have these features in the car that you love to drive.  This is an amazing way to enjoy the place where you will drive when you head out for the day.

The Right Place with What You Need

You know that you want to drive the Volkswagen Jetta, so make your way to the Ray Brandt Auto Group location and start driving today.  This is where you’re going to find the right deals when you want to buy or lease a Jetta that you can enjoy and show off on the roads around Gert Town, LA.  Come in and see what this team has to offer you today and start driving the car that has the German engineering and the mainstream price.