Best Home Improvement Shows on Netflix

Remote and TelevisionIf you enjoy checking out the work that others have done on their homes or watching others bring about changes in their homes, you’re in luck! Sign into your Netflix account and check out the many different entertainment options open to you. There are so many shows that you can watch that will allow you to look in on others as they complete home improvements – and get some renovation ideas of your own.

Transformations Happen on Fixer Upper

When you view home improvement shows, you most likely want to see a dull room turned into something special. Well, that’s exactly what you will witness as you watch Chip and Joanna Gaines work on the show Fixer Upper! This couple helps home buyers find homes at great prices, and they renovate them to fit the buyers’ personal style. You are sure to feel inspired and entertained after watching a couple of their episodes.

Family is Important on Property Brothers

If you are someone who likes nothing more than watching two family members work together to do big things, then you will definitely want to watch the duo on Property Brothers as they work. These twin brothers use their personal gifts to give home buyers on the show the best service possible. One is expertly skilled in renovating, and the other is a real estate genius. Together, they make the perfect team!

Different is Beautiful on Tiny House Builders

If you are trying to find a show that is truly distinct from all of the rest, check out Tiny House Builders. On this show, houses are created in a micro way, and they still offer the owners all that they are looking for in a home. Even if you aren’t interested in purchasing a tiny home for yourself, it is definitely interesting to see how these homes are created to be both small and functional.

Neglected Homes are Made New on Flip or Flop

See homes that previously lacked care and attention turned into something beautiful on Flip or Flop! This show focuses on homes in need of a little TLC, and it offers those homes love and a 2nd chance. This couple visits property auctions and purchases neglected home for a great price. Afterwards, they give these homes a complete makeover and sell them for profit. Learn more about the real estate industry and renovations when you tune in for an episode of Flip or Flop.

Get Inspiration with Design on a Dime Collection

If you are trying to figure out changes that you can make in your home for a low price, you will enjoy checking out Design on a Dime and learning from it. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to redesign and update the decor in your home, and this show gives you the tips you need to get the look you want!

There are various HGTV shows out there that will inspire and entertain you. If you have access to Netflix, you can find the inspiration you need for your next home improvement project! After you’ve gotten all of your renovation ideas together, be sure to purchase home decor that will liven up your space. Stop by Ray Brandt Infiniti for the perfect vehicle to take you to the store nearest you!