Battle of New Orleans

Posted on January 18, 2017 – BlogCommunity

New Orleans is a wonderful city with a rich history. Thousands of people go there each year to enjoy music, cuisine, and entertainment. One of their most popular events in New Orleans is the Mardi Gras. Most people aren’t aware of the Battle of New Orleans that sparked the final battle of the War of 1812.

The Battle Of New Orleans

For 10 days, between January 8th and 18th, an engagement was fought. It was reported as a one-sided battle that ended the War of 1812. Commander Jackson defended New Orleans against the threat of a large British army on the plantation of Chalmette. Amazingly, they defeated the overwhelming British army against taken possession of New Orleans.

Who Was Behind The Battle Of New Orleans?

Admiral Alexander Cochrane and General Edward fought desperately to take over New Orleans and the territory that was made by the Louisiana purchase. They weren’t aware of the treaty that had been signed on December 24, 1812, the treaty of Ghent. The Brit’s not knowing the treaty had be signed, created hostility and led to the war.

The End Of The War

By January 1812, the British retreated in defeat, still unaware, on both sides, that the treaty had been signed. Surprisingly, Andrew Jackson led all the British troops out of New Orleans by January 18th. This finally ended the war and New Orleans remained the property of the United States.

The Battle of New Orleans was one of the most recognized battles in the Civil War. Thousands of people agree that Andrew Jackson fought a brave war that is still commemorated to this day in the United States.