Amazing Lessons Learned from Disney Movies

disney moviesIf you weren’t living under a rock in the over the last 50 years, chances are you’ve seen one or two Disney Movies (or more). Growing up, these movies not only entertained us but also taught us valuable lessons about life and how to treat one another. Here are three important life lessons you can learn from watching Disney Movies.

Beauty Means Nothing if You’re Ugly on the Inside

Movies like Snow White and Beauty and the Beast demonstrate that being beautiful on the outside means nothing if you’re a bad person. True, Disney Movies gave us unrealistic expectations about beauty (no one’s hair looks that great in real life), but in the end being a good person is what is truly beautiful.

No Matter What Happens in Life, Keep Going

The majority of Disney Movies center around the idea of perseverance and keeping positive. An example of a movie that is entirely based around this moral is Finding Nemo. As a matter of fact, the motto of the entire movie is to “just keep swimming”. Movies like this show you that a good attitude is everything, and most importantly can get you through anything life throws your way as long as you keep trying or “Keep Swimming”!

Don’t Let Anything Keep You From Your Dreams

Too often we let past hurt and negative circumstances hold us back. Perhaps one of the most famous Disney Movies and the highest grossing entertainment title, The Lion King, teaches you that you should never let the past stop you from achieving your dreams. In Cinderella, despite her evil step mother’s wishes, Cinderella still dreams of attending the ball. In the end, she accomplishes her dream and even marries the prince!

Disney Movies not only bring on nostalgia, but also incorporate real life lessons while expanding your imagination. So feel free to let your children enjoy the movies you grew up watching and rest easy knowing they are also taking away valuable life lessons. Some of these movies have even been re-made, so hop into your Volkswagen and drive down to the movie theater to see the modern versions!